View Full Version : If you were a confused false teacher, how would you like to be approached?

06-25-10, 09:46 AM
I am not naming the person because I haven't gone to them first and I'm not done my homework. (Don't worry. It is not anyone here.)

If you were possibly confused, went to a college that may have confused you, if you are Christian and were teaching false things, how would you like to be approached? What is the best way to approach them? And does the Bible say anything different towards what we think is best?

Philippians 2:3 [Let] nothing [be done] through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.

06-25-10, 01:41 PM
To an extent it depends on the person so it is a matter of asking the Holy Spirit to guide you. I'm kind of dealing w/ something similar re someone who has basic salvation doctrine right and solid but is driving ppl away from a church by demanding people follow the traditions he is used to re ways to do some things and what a person must and must not wear. Matthew 18:15-17 gives us guidance re general methodology. Even there I don't fully know when that is appropriate and when the issue is not serious enough for that kind of confrontation. For me I find myself thinking he doesn't want to hear it so why try but that is prejudging him (?) or a conclusion from observation. The basics are of course to do it in courtesy and love using the Bible but not using it as a weapon.

06-25-10, 02:12 PM
Maybe this will help. I had an uncle who taught theology and argumentation. He is where I got a love for debate and life long exposure to his training is why I took logic, argumentation and philosophy as "gut courses". We had harder exercises around the dinner table than the advanced college courses offered. He also helped lead his denomination into some very so called liberal ideas for ex that Jesus was just a man who was chosen by God and anyone else could have been chosen if they would obey and live a good life or try to mostly and you would go to heaven if there is a heaven. When I came back to the Lord I was determined to help him see the truth. Every Christmas card, every birthday card, every conversation had that theme and got absolutely totally no where. Then I moved 1200 miles away at God's leading. Didn't see him for years and that was before you picked up a cell phone and talked to anyone anytime but I still sent cards and letters and got - yep you guessed it - nowhere.

A few years after I got married God made a way for my husband and me to visit my family. My uncle knew my husband was now a minister and was looking forward to meeting him and talking with him and teaching him. After dinner he started. It was classical argumentation through and through. If it had been any other 2 people I would have paid to score the match but I knew my husband was way out of his league. As far as I knew he had never heard of classical argumentation never mind knowing the rules and procedures. And yet after my uncle set forth his precepts and reasons why Jesus was not the Son of God in any divine sense my husband asked just one short simple question, uncle expounded, one more "simple question" more expounding, question, exposition, question exposition. Each simple question going deeper in God's word and even more important each having only one logical answer, an answer that like moves in a chess match marched inexorably to one conclusion. Ever watch a total novice lead a chess master to put his own queen in check over and over? I knew my husband sis not have the skill or know how to do that. I also knew Who did. When I heard my uncle say "I always felt sad that I never had a personal relationship with God" I expected my husband to go for a hard close. Oh no. Another question about how Jesus said one got that. After 3 almost 4 hours my 98 yr old still sharper than a tack uncle asked his first question, "will you pray with me?" God knew exactly what and who it would take to bring him to Christ. He knows that about your friend too.

Father You know Chuck's friend inside and out. You know his heart and mind. Please make a way for him to see and receive Your truth in Christ Jesus and show Chuck how to approach him and help him if he is the one to do it. Please bless Chuck as he shares Jesus. Thank You.

06-25-10, 11:12 PM
That story is amazing Ann, I wish I was there to see and hear all the interaction.

06-25-10, 11:38 PM
It was quite a night, quite a week in fact. The night before another aunt then 99 started to cry as we said a good by prayer and my husband asked simply you want Jesus, don't you and she whispered "yes" Later the night my uncle received Christ we went to the beach. A young man walked directly up to Charles. No one else was around and frankly I was a little afraid. He started to talk about the doctrine of the cult he was getting into, one common enough in New England so I was familiar w/ the teaching and the order of their lessons but almost totally unknown in GA and AL. He said he was a Christian but had gotten away from the Lord and was looking for a way back. As they talked my husband shared some scripture and the guy looked shocked. The subject was the very next week's lesson in his group's workbook and with that scripture the Lord showed him how the cult differed from Jesus. Earlier that trip we had lost a timing chain late on a Saturday in rural VA. Stranded. I felt I was supposed to call our pastor in GA and ask "who do we know in this town". He told me. It was someone I went to Bible school with and had not known was living in VA. This was the only town on our route where anyone we knew knew anyone. That person just happened to know a military mechanic who was home on leave and needed to earn some extra money and to know the owner of the only parts place in town.

06-26-10, 10:40 AM
Your recounting of these blessings from the Lord is encouraging. Are you going to write a book?

06-26-10, 04:00 PM
Probably not. When are u gonna start yours?

06-26-10, 04:02 PM
However I do need an ad sales person for a certain publication and wondered if Ian might be interested in sales by phone if he is still looking for the right position.

06-27-10, 11:58 AM
I hope you find him....