View Full Version : Today's Revelation -- probably long ago obvious to everyone else

04-14-10, 10:06 AM
A gift is only really yours if you choose to receive it. *We know that is true of salvation. *Jesus sacrificed Himself on the cross so we can be free from sin and live eternally in Him but if we refuse that gift it is not ours no matter how much He wants us to have it because we are created to have freedom in choices. * Something Claudia posted on Facebook made me realize more than ever that that applies to drama and people giving us a hard time also. *If we don't receive it it isn't ours and can not mar our peace no matter how much they want for us to have it. *Lord please show me how not to receive the things that do not come from You.

04-15-10, 04:31 PM

04-17-10, 12:30 AM
Yes,Lord,help us to look beyond the "drama" and pray for those that make life difficult sometimes,for they need You too.