View Full Version : What's wrong with Tebow's Superbowl Commercial?

02-02-10, 08:48 AM
What is so provocative about Tebow's commercial? (http://www.urbancure.org/article.asp?id=3200)

Columnist Star Parker comments on the backlash reaction to Tebow and his mother talking about how the doctors, due to an illness she suffered during her pregnancy with Tebow, encouraged her to get an abortion.

Parker offers some possible ideas of why feminist groups are asking CBS to pull the commercial. It's worth the five minutes it takes to read her column.

the truth
02-08-10, 04:20 AM
I was wishing the add would of had some more meat. I just pray many decided to go to the website that was advertised and hear the whole story. God bless. :)

02-08-10, 09:23 AM
I think it was just right for the audience. Tebow already has a reputation as a godly young man, and I think we can trust the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of people to respond by seeking more information. It was enough to make people realize that they are thirsty. Seed was planted. Our job is to pray.

02-08-10, 10:32 AM
If I remember correctly the version with more "meat" was rejected by the network, wasn't it? It seems this was used to at least sprinkle some salt and create a thirst.

02-08-10, 10:33 AM
Good to see you on the boards, The Truth. How are you and your family?