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12-10-09, 10:59 AM
The kittens were by the glass storm door birdwatching. Bandit one of the next door cats came by and did not like that one small bit. He hissed and said something in cat that I can't translate but it was clearly not a friendly comment. Kittens just lay there in the sun one looked at him the other one just continued washing his paw. Both were totally unimpressed. Neither one even hissed back. Bandit weighs 20+ lbs of muscle, kittens weigh just over 3lb each and have been known to run from dust bunnies. But they have learned the hard way that the door is very solid even if hey can see through it and no cat can go in or out unless a human opens it so they felt perfectly secure. I smiled then felt a Holy Spirit nudge. That's how we can be in Jesus when the spiritual and natural Bandit cats come by.

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12-11-09, 10:31 AM
Love that picture. They may be small, but they have learned some kitty wisdom. :teacher: