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10-27-09, 12:15 PM
I read an AP report re: 52 children rescued from people using them for prostitution. Said 900 rescued in all. I am thankful that these children have been rescued but I was also stunned that there were so many and that they were saying there were many more needing to be found. My heart breaks for them. I remember when Y first came to L.A.M.P. after being rescued from such circumstances: her eyes so dead, barely moving almost catatonic, just sitting on the corner of the couch where someone led her and told her to sit, not looking up, notable to respond. At 13 she still wanted a pacifier. I got to see the first light of life in her eyes. She gradually came alive again. People connected to those who had had her captive tried to get her back but it was thwarted (long story) She became beautiful inside and out but there were still nightmares. And then one day she left for the mall and didn't come back. They found out where she was but she wouldn't come back and stay, Next thing she was in anther state and in a horrible situation and then in jail. It was as though the pieces of her that had been so damaged shattered again even though they had looked mended. And we still cry. 900 children and more hurt the way she was. We have to pray and keep on praying.

Father only You can reach them. Please heal them not just physically but spiritually and psychologically. Please make them really well. Deliver them. And Father the children that are still held captive please send them help today and very soon make them be rescued. O Father. If my heart is breaking how much more Your heart must break for them. Please show us how to pray and take authority. Please alert every one who can help. Please send very heavy conviction on the perpetrators and make them unable to do this evil any more. And please bring Y home again. Please help her know she can come home to You and to L.A.M.P. I don't know if she is in jail or out in the US even but please cause her to call Wendy or Mary or O today somehow. Thank You that You care and can do something,

Here is the FBI's pess release on this http://www.fbi.gov/pressrel/pressrel09/crosscountry_102609.htm

10-27-09, 12:32 PM
Ann, how heartbreaking...
It is one thing to look at the horrid news stories and another to know first hand what is happening to these young hearts..
Every time I see a report of an abused child I will remember this post and pray for all the hurting children ..
and for the punishment of those evil ones who are doing this that God will touch them.. in a big way....

Ann , I go to several boards and I would like your permission to re-post this to them... Exactly as you have posted it here with your name and all...

10-27-09, 01:51 PM
My heart just breaks for these children and many others around the world that are going through all kinds of horrific things. I look at our own grandchildren and think,"How could anyone do such evil to these precious little ones?" And yet they do.

Lord Jesus,I pray for those that are going through such hurt and suffering,that You would deliver them from whatever situation they are in,and bring Your healing into their lives,physically,emotionally,and spiritually. Oh Lord,protect these precious children from their abusers.

And for those doing these horrible things,I pray for them also,that their hearts would be changed,and they would turn from such wickedness and repent.
In Jesus' name I pray,Amen.

10-27-09, 01:51 PM
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