View Full Version : prayer for hernia Chuck has

07-31-09, 11:53 AM
Chuck was told that he has a hernia and my sister who had a hernia had an operation to repair it. The doc is not going to do anything about it presently but wants to see him in Sept. I believe God will heal Chuck so that there will be nothing to get "fixed".
So I'm asking for prayer for this.

08-01-09, 08:48 AM
Amen. Father please heal Chuck totally from this hernia and anything else that may try to bother him physically or spiritually and bless him with good health and fill him with Your joy. Thank You.

08-02-09, 12:01 PM
thanks. he says it does not cause pain.

08-02-09, 11:23 PM
Yes,Lord,I agree with Ann,asking for Your healing touch on Chuck's body,that the hernia would be healed.
Thank You that he has no pain,but touch him and make him completely whole.

In Jesus' name,Amen.