View Full Version : Email from a brother named Raj with praise and prayer request

07-04-09, 08:50 PM
This seems to be a different Raj than the one who used to post here. He is working with a church in his area and has helped a man come to know Jesus as His Savior. This man is getting ready to be baptized and needs to learn to know Jesus and His word more.

Raj and his family have some special needs. His parents are older and ill and both need healing. They also have needs because Raj is not working now but they know that Jesus is their provider and they look to Him. One thing that made this different from a lot of what we get is that he was not at all asking for money but asking for the love of Jesus to grow in him and looking to Jesus for his answers.

Father thank You for this new believer and for Raj's ministry to hm. Thank You for accepting the sacrifice of Jesus for healing for Raj's parents and for meeting their needs for Jesus sake. Please surround him with Your love, Thank You.

07-06-09, 01:56 PM
Yes,Lord Jesus,Amen and Amen.