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08-12-08, 03:34 PM
Walker's poem in CW http://www.iljboards.com/showthread.php?t=32659set me to thinking. People say "life happens" but often there are choices we make. One stanza especially hit me
I know I can’t understand how you feel or that I know your pain
But we’ve all been hurt and we either walk the road of healing
Or we get lost on the road of bitterness that never ends

I have a friend who often says "I will never forgive" and "I have a right to be bitter" Really bad things have happened to her and I am not sitting as her judge but she takes so much more pain because she chooses not to forgive. Her body is now tormented with illnesses and injuries.Many orf the injuries tho not all of them come from effects of the illnesses and many of the illnesses are caused according to even to unbelieving drs by stress and anger. I wish I knew how to help and I don't. Of course we have talked about forgoving and she will preach to others about that but for herself she says "I have a right to not forgive..."

I think much is set in motion by that naturally as well as spiritually. If we defy God how can we ask Him to be on our side? Many of us have had hurts and wrongs done us that could not be healed or forgiven apart from Jesus but many of the ones who have experienced those things have made a decision to forgive because they saw that it was the way to healing, knowing that the emtional and physical damage was still there. Knowing that their emotions were still turmoil and hurt yet choosing to be led by the Holy Spirit not by feelings. Someone from ilj shared something that had happened to them with me by IM yesterday that hit me like a 2x4 in the middle of my stomach but as they continued I realized they were not bound by that, they had forgiven and were at least majorly healed and just recounting a fact. Other ilj ppl over the yrs have shared other similar choices.

I know this is something I still struggle with sometimes. Yet I don't see any choice but to forgive. Jesus disciples asked Him to teach them to pray and He included "forgive us our trespasses (debts) as we forgive those who trespass against us (our debtors)" We have a choice to walk in grace or walk in bitterness by choosing to forgive. That doesn't make it easy but the alternative - loosing God's forgiveness- is a whole lot harder. How can we help each other in this more?