View Full Version : Choosing websites to visit

08-08-08, 11:31 AM
How do you choose which sites you visit? Just wondering what leads ppl to sites and how to share lj more.

Flannel Avenger
08-08-08, 11:07 PM
Google and what could be described best as "social networking" though not really limited to social networking sites.

08-23-08, 04:42 PM
Ann, I was looking at this again and I was about to add you to my Facebook but there are only a couple of people who see it..One has a board and one would not be interested I really do not believe..
My web sites are pretty much closed to anyone but my family and friends..
I do not appreciate the grief I get when I let people know it is out there and all the nasty stuff I have to delete because they have visited me..

And I have not been online enough to spend a lot of time trying to keep it clean...
So the best way for me would be to add your site to my links page on my web site ..

another thing... just my pondering lately on the boards in general..
Many are slow slow slow..
Especially the little ones..
One is the first one I ever visited and only two or three people post every week or two..but I stay because it is nostalgic and I really want to stay in touch if I can with the sweet folks I have met there that still post..even tho it is ever so infrequent...

I think the boards that are doing the best are the really large ones who have hundreds of folks posting often as folks can find their little spot and find enough folks to agree with them that they do not feel like the long stranger on the board..
With the little boards if one person has a dramatically different viewpoint than another one they do feel like the odd man out and will most likely go somewhere where they feel they fit in better..
Reminds me of the way we do with Church..
We find the Church where we feel comfortable and that we find we can agree with most of what is going on there...
Those kind of boards are the ones that are doing the best..

Just my ponderings on it... :hmm: