View Full Version : Mark Dever on the Book of Job

Don Disney
08-08-08, 12:24 AM
I am just about half way thourgh the first sermon and so far it is awesome. I is wonderful how God can you men to expond His Word.

Job 1-2 (http://www.chbcaudio.org/2008/06/22/jobs-trials-job-1-2/)
Job 3 (http://www.chbcaudio.org/2008/06/29/jobs-questions-job-3/)
Job 4-37 (http://www.chbcaudio.org/2008/07/06/jobs-friends-job-4-37/)
Job 38-42 (http://www.chbcaudio.org/2008/07/13/jobs-god-job-38-42/)