View Full Version : why do families do this?

06-25-08, 07:17 PM
Why is it that families can get so dead set in their ways that if say someone has a party and family is invited, why are some people against having any friends involved? No one talks to them, except my sister who invited them.
I think that's an awful thing, it was the same when mom was alive. NO ONE went anywhere for Christmas eve if it was not with family. Family got together on Christmas day and Christmas eve.


06-25-08, 08:44 PM
I consider that normal..
It is family time..a very special time with those we all know and love..
The only time I would invite someone outside the "family" would be because they had no family to be with at that time..
But no matter how nice people are or unnice they are still not "family" to all there...
"Family times" are special treasures to me... very personal times...

I like it that way... :gball:

06-26-08, 09:34 AM
That is a little crazy, I understnd, somewhat, I dont have a family, but I did, I think.

06-26-08, 10:54 AM
In my family there are some friends who are more like family. However, year before last my sister in law invited her inlaws to what we considered the Goodwin family christmas dinner. I did speak with all of them but it made me uncomfortable.

06-26-08, 02:47 PM
one of my sisters agrees with what I posted. We've noticed everyone acts better if others are present at these things.

A Whole New Me
06-27-08, 06:44 PM
Human beings are one of the strangest things God ever made...tho the original design has been tampered with by sin so I guess we can't put the blame on God either.