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03-25-08, 06:12 PM
I first became aware of this program more than 10 yrs ago when someone started teaching it in a nearby library. The words sounded good. We all need and want miracles - God's loving intervention in our lives. But my spirit sounded a warning bell and I knew to stay away, far away. I've heard about the program some more over the yrs and come to understand what in part the problems with it are. Now it is being taught by a noted TV personality. Because people always want miracles and frankly because much of the so called Christian church lives far below the level God intends some people see the Christianity as somewhat humdrum. Because we haven't allowed Christ to show forth His power in our lives more fully things like this course have a strong appeal for many people.

"A Course in Miracles" in many senses puts eastern nonchristian religion into western Christian terminology which makes it paletable to many who might reject less familiar terms. In writing eastern religion I know I need a better term because Christianity and its Jewish roots was certainly not intended by God as an exclusively western religion nor can Jesus Christ be fully understood if we limit our attempts to understand to 20th and 21st century US and European cultural perspectives.

Many years ago God gave me a definition of witchcraft and occultism that I have shared several times here in Ask and other places. It is simply that any attempt to seek or use spiritual power to gain one's own wishes apart from submission to God is witchcraft.. That does NOT mean that anyone who attends or even tries to teach this course is a witch. It doersn't mean that anyone who has ever tried to make something happen is a witch. They may very well have been deceived just as the serpent deceived Eve with the idea that eating that fruit would give her wisdom and help her be equal with God. The devil's schemes and techniques don't change a lot. He just finds ones which work and sticks with them.

John Wesley asked once why the devil should have all the good tunes. Today we might wonder why we've let him have so many good words to pervert into meanings that the Bible never intended.

03-26-08, 03:07 PM
God bless you Sis;

I was reminded that she also promoted "The Secret", and I believe she is also promoting, "The New Earth", which are New Age.

Sweetness and warm bubbly feelings, and contrary to the Word of God.