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01-15-08, 10:18 PM
What do you do when something is seriously wrong at church? What started this is a situation at a church where a friend of ours goes. My wife has known people at that church for more than 30 yrs and for more than 30 yrs there have been some problems there. The pastor was just arrested again. This time for perjury. If you read the news you may know who that is but this is not so much about the leader as the ppl who choose to stay and be part of a church with that kind of leadership whether the situation is as open and long lasting and publicized as that or something known only wth in the church or local town or city. What action should a church member or attendee as opposed to decon or booard member take in such a case? What is the obligation to Jesus? I am not talking about something where a pastor sins and confesses and asks forgiveness seeking restoration in Christ. I am talking about when there is no repentence and an ongoing pattern of wrong doing. This is an extreem case of course but unfortunately there are other times when it seems to me that ppl are condoning sin in leadership and giving ppl who do not know Jesus every reason to think that things are at least as rotten in the church as outside it.

01-16-08, 10:09 AM
When I first read this I thought you were saying you went into Atlanta to church..
somemes I just need to slow down when I read ..:frypan:

I would have left the church... period....
Why do they stay..comfortable perhaps...
Perhaps they are so dull of heart and hearing they do not see the need to walk uprightly before God. :confused:

One thing for sure is when folks get stuck like that they need prayer to wake up ...:ipray:

01-18-08, 02:30 AM
What would you do if you knew your pastor was involved in serious sin (adultery, purjury, financial impropriety, child abuse, or such)? Would you go talk to them? Leave the church? Talk about them but still stay there? What is God's way in such a thing? What if a friend told you that this siort of thing was happening in their church what would you say to them? I've had that happen and I would like to say that talking with me helped them make a good decision. I'd like to say that but I can't. So this hits very close to home to me.

01-18-08, 12:01 PM
Ok, we are not particularly talking about this particular church..
It has been known for years the church leader was "in trouble"..
Folks already know..in that case , seeing as how there has been not movement toward change they should find another church..my 2cents...

If I were going to a church that the Pastor was caught in a sin I would most defiantly make noise about it...
Anyone who is practicing sin and is the leader of a church has no business int the position of leader...
My son was a youth pastor and started living with his girlfriend..
He immediately lost his position....Praise God...
He would not change as the flesh was too strong for him and he was rightly dismissed as a leader for the youth...
I need a strong hand to hold off my flesh and I am assuming everyone else does too..it is a monster that needs no pity from me or anyone else..
I am struggling with something in my life right now that I am looking forward to being over with..
Father God have no mercy on my flesh and set me free from my sin...

If He has to use the shame of our sins being broadcast to bring us that deliverance then may He do so... :ipray:

Even more so if I were in a position to lead others in the way of the Lord..:shepherd: