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11-28-01, 03:05 PM
hehe.. yeah i like emo music. know of any good emo bands that are Christian? further seems forever, i think, b/c it's sold at the Christian bookstore... any other suggestions?

11-29-01, 06:42 AM
Forgive my ignorance, but what is 'emo'? :confused:

11-29-01, 12:26 PM
quoted from audiogalaxy:

""Emo" or "Emo-core" is short for Emotional Hardcore. The term began as a derogatory one but has been proudly and vehemently claimed by lovers of this dynamic, intensely emotional splinter genre of Hardcore. Really good Emo is characterized by sudden, surprising shifts in rhythm, ragged, screamingly emotional vocals, pretty instrumental breakdowns, slightly unconventional song structures, and a decidedly un-punk embrace of poppy elements. Sunny Day Real Estate made a couple of amazing Emo records, and The Get-Up Kids and The Promise Ring are pretty good too. Emo would be a great genre had it not given birth to Math Rock, one of the coldest and most annoying of all of the post-punk splinter genres."

hehe. there ya go. :biggrin:

11-30-01, 06:11 AM
Wow........................I'm like speachless with the.......ahhhhhhhh....variety used in EMO!!! :spin:

12-13-01, 04:09 PM

Yeah, Further seems forever is good! Try DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL! It is the same singer from FSF. Juliana Theory is also good, the first two albums are good. Starflyer 59 is all right. In my opinion is tooo mellow for me. Um, cannot think of another band.

12-18-01, 02:55 AM
you have heard of all of my fave emo bands.. i think you are my new best friend :biggrin:

dashboard is almost too emo, they make me all depressed... *LOL*

12-19-01, 12:12 AM
well the CD booklet or whatever you call it of one of my P.O.D. CDs has an advertisment for some other bands and it says that Ancient of Days is Emo. I have heard one of their songs and it was not to bad.

12-20-01, 10:56 AM
ooo i havent heard them... so, thanks! :biggrin:

12-20-01, 11:01 AM
did someone say... EMO? oooo baby, i'm here.

i love emo. emo's.... emo... and emo's... cool.

i looooove the juliana theory, further seems forever, dashboard confessional, etc, etc.

ha, they rock my world. :D jimmy eat world, i don't know if their classified as "emo" or not... but i saw their video "middle" (geez i hope that's the name of it) on mtv2 -- i love them :) just thought i'd throw that in there for you lovely people.

12-20-01, 04:38 PM
:confused: Darn! Have any of you heard of Autumn falls to ashes? (Two Ton is their old name) I met this guy from Austin who told me they were good and even better because they are emo core)
Oh well, I just hope this guy email me back soon. Yeap, Dashboard is for broken hearts (sob) hahha. Hey! Ancient of days!
is www.ancientofdays79.com their official website? Darn, they sound good. Well, I am off to buy their cd.

Take care all of you!!!!

----==== Liberate te ex inferis ====----

12-22-01, 02:28 AM
ive been meaning to ask you, what does Liberate te ex inferis mean anyway :confused:

12-22-01, 09:02 PM
Save yourself from hell in latin (got that from Zao) :angel:

12-23-01, 02:15 AM
I was hoping for "Tyranny Lives!!!!" :D

I guess you learn something new everyy day. Now I know what emo is :D

12-23-01, 03:15 AM
aha! i thought it was zao; i dont listen to them anymore, but my friend knox always refers to the "liberate" album... thanks!

12-26-01, 07:59 PM
If the Ataris are emo, which I was told they were, then I will avoid them. They make me feel suicidal :wah:

12-27-01, 01:21 AM
Originally posted by Bohrdumb
If the Ataris are emo, which I was told they were, then I will avoid them. They make me feel suicidal :wah:

funny story about the Ataris. My brother was just glancing through AIM profiles b/c he was bored and saw someone who's said Ataris rule. He had never heard of the band so he assumed the person meant the old school video game system. So my brother IMed the guy saying how cool Ataris were. To make a long story short he had a half hour conversation about a band he had never heard of. . .

12-27-01, 09:12 AM
Ataris=emo??? I thought they were more like punk rock. Yeah, I know what you mean about the musical influence. Like Saves the day hehe it just makes me strongly dislike men and makes me want to grab a ahem, a spoon. :wah:

huahuauha, funny one about thinking that Ataris was the game system. :biggrin:

04-14-02, 09:20 PM