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11-27-01, 06:28 AM
Seriously, well as close to serious as it is possible for me to be ;)

What good is it for me to be a moderator if I don't have anything to moderate? ;) There's TONS to talk about regarding music and Christianity. We can talk about everyone's favorite artists, music people here on the boards are making, general thoughts about music, praise songs we love... There's so much there. I personally would like to get a couple of threads going regarding deep stuff like the role of music in the church and in worship services and that sort of thing, and maybe a tangent about the business side of Christian music- marketing to the "Christian subculture" and that sort of thing versus the need (and oftentimes the artists' desire) to be salt and light to the outside world.

Come one, come all! Tell your friends! Get more people to sign up! Whatever it takes! Gee, I'm not passionate about this music stuff at all ;)

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,

Your friendly neighborhood moderator

11-28-01, 03:35 AM
Wow, 8 threads have been posted in since midnight on the 27th. Is that a record for this forum? *LOL*

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


12-03-01, 07:42 PM
Hi, I'm bac. There was a time when my computer acted very poorly when I'd come over here. This was before we got the new hosting site or whatever happened here. I was getting my computer fix at other boards. Would you imagine, there was a sax discussion board that really had some great religion discussions going on. the admin put the kibash on religious/political talk though, so I'm going to be frequenting here more often I think. Anyway, I'm glad to talk about music; performing, business, church, whatever.

is my page if interested,
is the newly formed organization who hosts my site. They're looking for aspiring artists to serve.

12-17-01, 06:47 PM
... more people would post here if their opinions on music weren't slandered and they werent belittled for not knowing as much about the "underground" Christian music scene. just a thought. :)

Lois 2002
12-30-01, 01:54 AM
I thought I would jump in and talk about why I love praise and worship music so much. I love it because it's all word. I never get tired of hearing or singing about the goodness of God. The songs are all scripture...all truth...and the teaching I receive ever service talks about the importants of God's word in our lives and how we need to live it, speak and yes...sing it. :D

Some of my favorite artists are....Alvin Slaughter, Cindy Black, Keith Moore, Ray, Rhema Singers and Band, Paul Wilbur.

New to my collection is....

Rivers of Worship One...I Give You My Heart.
Revival in Belfast
And the WOW CD's. There wonderful!

Have you heard of any of my favorites? How about Nicole Mullen or Vicki Yoh'e?