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03-24-03, 08:24 PM
Dear friends,

Please pray for me. This may seem a trival matter but I really need your prayers.

Last friday, I send a SMS via the cellphone wrongly to my boss. The thing is that, I am not sure if I had sent wrongly to him but the intended receiptent did not rec the message.

The content of the message is suppose to be harmless "joke" to the receiptent. But, if it was really sent to my boss, it may be misread as insulting.

Please pray that GOD intervene and there would be no misunderstanding between my boss and myself.

Thank you.


03-24-03, 08:28 PM
Lord I know how a mistake can cost so much sometimes, so please deliver un... . And if this has happened then give un... grace and mercy, help the boss to be understand.

03-24-03, 11:31 PM
Father please straighten this out as only You can and show this persdon whether they need to go and talk with their boss about this. Thank You.