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03-20-03, 12:06 PM
my friend's dad died last week. they have the funeral tomorrow morning. please pray for my friend, and his family at this tough time, as they praise God for his dad, but also grieve for their loss.

Oh YAHWEH, please bring deep joy, peace, and understanding to this family at this tough time. please bless my friend, and please wrap him up in Your arms, and let him find shelter and comfort there. please also bring deep comfort to my friend's mum, as she grieves for her husband.
In Jesus' Name i pray. ThankYou, Amen.

03-20-03, 12:28 PM
Amen Father I am agreeing with b's prayer. Please help and comfort this family now and in the days and weeks and months to come. Please show friends how to help. Please also help with inances and all the practical things that muct be settled. Thank You for b's concern and love for her friend. Please bless her for that. Thank You.

03-21-03, 01:36 AM

Father, pls come and comfort this family. I believe that the father's death was like being carried home to heaven in Jesus's arms. Lord, I know that you will carry this family through the days and renew their heart. Let your grace be upon them and take away any sadness in the family cos another has join to the door of heaven. In Jesus' Name. Amen

03-21-03, 05:11 AM
Oh Lord, please hold them this morning. please help them, hold them all, and may they praise You, even in their sorrow.
thankYou God. Amen

03-21-03, 04:25 PM
Lord God please meet this family at the point of their need today also.