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03-20-03, 05:54 AM
Dear Members of ILJ,
As u all know, America has started the war with Iraq. As a follower of God, I urge you to pray that lives will not be spent and that there will be no blood shed. There is a possibility that this may turn into a World War III. No one is safe anymore. Let us pray for the people of America, that their leader ma make the right choice. Let us pray that he makes the right one, the one that will not compromise the lives of his people but the lives of people around the world.Let us pray for the Iraqui leader that he also makes the right choice. If the war continues, many lives will be wasted and many innocent people will die. Again, I urge you to pray. Now is the time that our faith is tested. Do not doubt your faith during these difficult times. We need to remain strong and steadfast in our faith. May God save us all. Pls pass this message to your friends and pass it on.