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03-17-03, 08:41 PM
That's not much time Lord. We're frightened. Our President has spoken and will send our sons and husbands and wives and daughters into battle in two short days. We hardly know how to pray Lord. Help us! Lead us and guide us. Take our hands and walk with us through this dark time. Shed the light of Your Word and Your Love on this deadly situation. Intervene. Protect. Safeguard. Watch over and protect us. Our hope is in You, precious Lord! in Jesus' name.

03-17-03, 09:26 PM
Lord I join with Marilyn in praying for You intervention into this world wide situation to save lives and souls. Let men's pride be broken and Your will be done. Please let this pending war end without a single death, but the salvation of many souls.

03-17-03, 09:58 PM
Amen Father Amen
If there can yet be anopther solution please bring it to pass. If Sadam can be persuaded to leave please help those who can persuade him to successfully persuade him and his sons to go for their own safety and for the good of Iraq. Please help us all to keep our eyes, our hearts, our trust in Jesus and to know that always You are Lord. You are our protector and our protection. Help us to turn to You with our whole hearts in full repentence and devotion and allow You to make the needed changes in our hearts and in our courtry. If there are natural preparations we should make please help us make them and do so willingly and in obedience and trust and not in panic. Please also bless and protect the people of Iraq and of the surrounding countries. Please help them through this time and most of all please help them come to Jesus. Thank You.

03-18-03, 05:24 AM
God i pray in agreement of what Ann said. Amen.

03-18-03, 08:51 AM
Father! If there is anything that will stop the tense situation, in Jesus name, let it be. You are the creator of heaven and earth, please show them the way to prevent this from happening. Pray that you will open their hearts and look around them. Please don't take any lives away that is not from your will. We come here before you and pray that you will help each and everyone of them. In Jesus Name. Amen:angel: