View Full Version : Prayer please!

03-12-03, 03:36 PM

I'm flying home in about an hours so please pray for a safe flight. :D Spring Break, yay! Also there are mission trips from my school going to Belize and Bornio so they need constant prayer that they are able to spread the Gospel and be safe! Thanks! Love 'ya all!

03-13-03, 04:19 AM
Oh Father in Heaven, pray Neddie for journey mercy. Pray that the trip will be a smooth one and you will guide her and lead her in your arms. Bless that the mission trip will be a fruitful one. Thank you Lord for everything that you have done. In Jesus Name. Amen!:angel:

03-13-03, 02:25 PM
Father please protect Neddie and help her have a wonderful spring break. Please protect the people on the mission trips and help them have a fruitful time in Jesus and lead people to Him as Savior and learn all you want them to learn. Thank You.

03-13-03, 03:56 PM
:angel: Father, I ask in Jesus Name for a great blessing upon this mission trip. Keep them safe. Bless this intercessor.
Agape. Grandpa.