View Full Version : Please Pray Mute boy stays healed

02-10-03, 03:42 AM
He almost never spoke.
Now he does.
Please pray he stays healed.
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02-10-03, 05:47 AM
Father please bless this child and his family and help them learn Your word and live Your word and continue to look to Jesus for fullfillment of each need. Help them stand strong in Your reality and not get involved in noteriety but at the same time not be at all afraid to say and show and live what You have done for them in Jesus name. Thank You.

02-10-03, 05:43 PM
Amen and Amen! Lord shower them with Your revelation and insight into Your Word and Your desire that we be set free of these infirmities. in Jesus' name.

02-10-03, 08:04 PM
:angel: Father, We come in Jesus Name. Bless this Child with Total Healing. Bless the intercessor. Keep all safe. Agape. Grandpa.