View Full Version : i'm back but i need help

01-29-03, 04:56 PM
hey guys i am back! but i need lots of prayer. i have been doing a little better but God is going to have to start threading in order for me to have victory. It seams like satan is standing there with a pair of sisors getting ready to cut the only threads i have left. i need you to pray for my dad he is a person who likes to put me down it and hurts soo/too much. i don't want to be near him or even kiss him any more. i wnat a good relationship with me day but it seems hopeless. also would you all please keep me in prayer that the Lord will bring me the rest of the way out of depression. i am doing better but i don't know if i can hang in there. prayers would be greatly appreceated. thatnk you so much lilangel

ps. would you please keep my sister in prayer she is really sick and last night she woke up becasue she was gasping for air. Her chessed is filled with fluid and she is caufing a lot of it up thank you. :wah: :wah:

01-29-03, 07:25 PM
Lord, rush to our lil angel's side and let her know that You are there! Touch her heart with Your peace. Let her rest in You. Hold her in Your loving arms and show her that by seeking You first, the two of you are an AWESOME team. Help her to focus on the Problem SOLVER and not on the problems. Help her to lay these issues at the foot of the cross and spend her time being comforted and strengthened and taught by Your blessed Spirit. Help her to let go of the things that have hurt her and to embrace the ONE who will turn this around for her. Touch her sister too Lord and heal this lung problem. Let lilangel know that whenever our threads are cut, we don't have far to go because You are ALWAYS there with arms outstretched to catch us and set us on our feet again! in Jesus' mighty name.

01-29-03, 10:01 PM
Father thank You for loving this child of Yours and getting her the help she needs. I don't know how You are going to do it but I know that Your love is greater than any obstacle. Thank You for sending Jesus to be her Delieverer as well as her Savior. Please help her sister and give the family wisdom in caring for her health. Thank You.