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01-17-03, 06:27 PM

I am a preacher of 22 yrs and now I am on sick leave as I deal with Cancer. I have prayed for those with this same dease and have seen them heal I prey for my healing now I'm only 44.

01-17-03, 07:20 PM
Father please help Pastor Larry experentially understand and receive all the fullness of what Jesus did for him including healing. Please also give him great skill in teaching what You teach him. We need the gifts You have for Your body in and through him. Please bless him exceedingly abundantly above all that he can ask or think in Christ Jesus. Thank You.

01-17-03, 07:23 PM
Amen Lord! And let all of us be an encouragement and blessing to him too!

01-17-03, 07:25 PM
Yes Lord! Let Your Spirit enfold him with healing, wholeness and a powerful revelation of Your purpose! in Jesus' name.

01-17-03, 09:43 PM
:angel: Father, We come in Jesus Name. I ask for a great Holy Spirit Blessing upon Pastor Larry. Give him Perfect healing. Give him and family the Peace that passes all understanding.
Agape. Grandpa.

01-18-03, 01:03 AM
Oh heavenly Father, please use your healing hand to heal pastor Larry Lord. Bring healing to his sickness and help him to continue carry out your will and work Lord. I pray these things in the name of the blood of the Lamb Jesus! ~Amen~

01-19-03, 03:39 PM
Today, 19th, I attended service where God did some very special things; a word of encouragement was spoken to all attending and I felt led to go forward and ask for healing, God not only touched me in relation to my prostrate but also for all the emotional stuff also. Even greater still, the pastor felt like all men who needed healing should come forward to be prayed for by other men. This was a great sight to see; such a multitude of men ministering to each other in love and dignity.
I appreciate all who have the heart and gifts to pray for the needy. Thank you!

01-19-03, 05:49 PM
Hugs and prayers

{this message is posted in Ann's name but is from both Charles and Ann}