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01-14-03, 03:36 PM
So I'm taking Jazz Ear Training this semester, I like it already after only one days class... but I'm starting late and I'm not the biggest jazz guru around so I want suggestions on good music to listen to... some ordinary jazz(if such a thing exists) and some off the wall stuff... I want a well rounded variety.

This part is mainly aimed at Jase... could you give me some ideas/suggestions on some songs that have good flute or vocal solos that I could dictate I have to do four this semester and want some ideas... I don't have much time so they can't be too difficult either.

01-31-03, 01:30 AM
Any particular type of jazz you want to review?

I don't know much about flute players, but I can ask my teacher 'cause he would.

Singers- my favorites are Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday :)

Ella does a record of Gershwin tunes that is phenomenal, my roommate has it recorded on CD.

Miles Davis' album Kind of Blue is one of the great standards. I love that album.

John Coltrane- Giant Steps

Duke Ellington's orchestra put out some great stuff, as did Count Basie's band.

Miles Davis- B()itches' Brew (parenthesis added in because it wouldn't let me type the word)

Miles Davis- Birth of the Cool (yeah, Davis was SLIGHTLY influential)

Anything by Charlie Parker, especially the one he did that was the first bebop album ever... can't remember the title though.

Cannonball Adderly- pretty much anything

Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz is WAY out there, and if you want some out there stuff that's a little easier to listen to check out some of Eric Dolphy's stuff.

Weather Report's first album, that has the song Birdland, is a classic.

Herbie Hancock's earlier stuff is great, and then in the 80's he did a lot of cool experimental stuff that I dig. His sax player runs his mic through a wah pedal sometimes!

Hope that helps :)

01-31-03, 01:45 AM
thanks you actually named off three or four that I haven't got any music of yet so I'll have to look into it.

My first transcription was due today... I did Ella Fitzgerald with Louis Armstrong on Paper Moon... it was an earlier recording also... it's cool I really like the class