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lakshmi iyengar
01-10-03, 07:23 AM
my friend Giji is having a very rough time. please pray for him so that he is successful in his present job. he needs your prayers very much:)

01-10-03, 05:52 PM
Lord, You know every need in this life. Send Your Spirit to minister to every need and provide that which is lacking. Introduce peace and joy and strength and healing and let this heart be assured that You are there and ready to answer every need, in Jesus' name.

01-10-03, 08:35 PM

01-10-03, 09:06 PM
:angel: Father, We come in Jesus Name. Bless this intercessor. Bless the person who has been mentioned. Grant that the job will be a good one.
Agape. Grandpa.

01-11-03, 01:26 AM
Oh Heavenly Father, I come to you now to ask for guidance and wisdom to Giji Lord that you will help him with his job and you will help to keep him strong and help him to see your purpose and your will. May your will be played out here oh Heavenly Father. I pray this in the blood of the Lamb Jesus!!!

Love you Guys!!!

Love your brother in Christ ~Justin~ <><