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01-03-03, 02:58 PM
On New Years Eve my band, the Sungazers, played at the First Night celebration in Evansville, Indiana (First Night is an alcohol-free celebration that I guess is some kind of nationwide thing, all I know is that the Southwest Indiana Arts Council sponsors ours). It was a sweet show, even though we had to take an unscheduled 10-minute break because there was a Japanese girls' choir singing in the room directly above us and they couldn't hear them over us.... :rofl: .... so we quit playing for them to finish their program. The soundman we had had done sound for several big-name groups (including Willie Nelson) and said we were one of the best groups he'd heard in a long time. Anyway, back to the point of my post.... after our set and tearing down I went to roam the halls of the Evansville Centre and in one of the exhibition halls came upon a group that was leading a drum circle as part of the event. It was pretty simple stuff, geared more towards little kids than people my age, but it was really fun. In the middle they had a Native American style big drum with several people hitting it in rhythm with leather-tipped beaters (very Apache-style) and a bunch of frame drums resembling bodhrans (though the beaters were too big so to play the one I used like a bodhran I just brushed the head with my fingertips). One of the guys who was part of the group leading noticed that I was putting little fills in-between the simple beat the group was playing (1&2 3 4 for those with some musical background- 2 eighths and 3 quarters) and started playing off my fills so we played off each other for a bit. Then the lady leading the kids let me borrow her djembe for a bit and I got to play master drummer (an African thing, the master drummer is the solo drummer and also the one who beats out cues though I didn't do any cues). I also had my digeridoo with me 'cause I used it in our band's show so I got that out for a bit and played along, using the head of one of the big drums they had as a resonator to amplify my sound. It was great fun and a really cool way to end the night (after that my girlfriend and I left to beat the traffic).

I guess the part of this thread relevant to discussion would be....

anyone else here get into ethnic music, drum circles, or anything like that? Got any stories? It's great fun :D

The night before our show when the band ran through the set we turned off all the lights, put a spinning multi-colored disco light in the middle of the floor, and that was our only light for the 95-minute run-through. It was way cool and we ended our last song with an extended jam on various percussion instruments including Jordan's djembe, I played bongos and kept a pedal drone going on my bass, and the guitar players did some really cool feedback stuff (in key, even!) and with those lights going like that... man, it was a really cool way to end the night- very serious spiritual connection between the musicians. Too bad we didn't have time to fully jam it out at the show.... (we went like 5 minutes over our time limit as it was.... Oh, well!)

So, yeah, have fun responding to this post.... I'm not really sure what my point was ;)

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


01-03-03, 08:27 PM
That's really neat!

I love music but don't play. My dad and his two brothers used to be in a band and when he gets home I'll get a website. Anyways he plays the guitar and isn't half bad. I love to hear him play, it's the most soothing sound that I know. I remember being little and sitting in my playpen listening to him sing to me.

He has been so busy with work and watnot that I havn't heard him play for quite some time. I miss it. *sigh*

My cousin is in a band and though I haven't heard them play (they live in MI and I live in TX) I do have a website.


ok, that's all my music encounters.

01-04-03, 01:24 AM
That's Very cool. We do drum circles every once in a while. We're not good but we have fun. My wife likes to do those indian (India)sounding chants. We were banging on a bunch of stuff at the theatre the other night while we were waiting for a screening to start.

Chris B
01-04-03, 06:21 PM
Sounds like a fun time.

> anyone else here get into ethnic music,
> drum circles, or anything like that?

Not I, but one of my little sisters owns a djembe, and another one owns a didgeridoo. They do things like that.

princess leah
01-08-03, 10:05 PM
much much fun! :biggrin: