View Full Version : a prayer for the conflict in my life vs spiritual life

12-17-02, 12:14 AM
I need a prayer. I am living in a situation that the bible says God does not approve of. I have given my life and will over to Christ, and I want to have this situation resolved to make God happy. I ask for prayers to ask God to put the search in my partners heart, to lead him to HIM. I ask that I may be able to resolve this issue with the lord and make peace with it. I am very confused and have prayed about the situation. Thank you

in jesus name,

12-17-02, 01:28 AM
Father please help Krista to walk in Your truth and righteousness. Please draw the other person to you, show them their need and Jesus love. Please give Krista the courage to put Jesus in 1st place in her life.

12-17-02, 08:03 PM
Yes Lord! Touch her with Your presence, Your companionship and Your yearning to be even more real to her. Bless her with Your guidance and show her that by seeking You first in all things the answers will come. Hold her close and love her lots! in Jesus' name.