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12-14-02, 02:22 PM
I am starting a small press bi-annual music/spoken word poetry CD. If you are interested look in the Creative Works and Announcements section. Each CD will be about 80 minutes long and have all kinds of cool stuff. I am look ing for submissions. Questions, e-mail me at radiantdregs@yahoo.com

12-16-02, 07:03 PM
I may have some stuff for you in the near future, when's the deadline for your first publication?

12-16-02, 08:27 PM
I'm going to see how the submissions come in and once I get one CD together I'll make the deadline about 5 months from there. If you send it within 4 or 5 months you should make it. I'll keep everyone updated on it's progress. Thanks so much I think this is gonna be a lot of fun. There is a lot of interest in this so far. Much more than I expected!!! :D :D :D

12-17-02, 08:44 PM
Very cool! Well, I dunno when I'll be able to get something recorded as my funds are limited at the present time but when I do I'll send it your way :)

12-18-02, 10:58 AM
Sounds cool. Are you gonna record on your conputor?

12-20-02, 06:53 PM
I have a friend who's trying to break into the local recording business and he's cheap, so I'll probably use his stuff. $15 a song as opposed to the normal $30-50 an hour!

12-20-02, 07:28 PM
That is a great deal!!! I can't wait to hear your work.

12-25-02, 02:17 AM
Well, you might wish you'd waited longer when you hear it ;)


12-25-02, 01:54 PM
No, you should hear my stuff. My wife and I did an 80 minute CD of experimental songs covering a range of styles. We gave copies to several people and only one of them truely liked it. Some of the responses were "some songs sounded like music" and " It's eclectic". I'm gonna put at least three songs on this CD. Two are kind of county Bob Dylan, redneck pop. I can't describe it. I don't have a drummer so I use keyboard drums But I do the guitars and voices. The third song sounds like a cross between The Darn Floor Big Bite CD from Daniel Amos with maybe a little of The Residents thrown in. Wierd stuff. I write what I like because I'm sure there is at least one other person in the world who might like it. As you'll see though, I'm not that good but at least I have fun. That's what this project is all about.;)

12-26-02, 12:18 AM
That actually sounds like something I'd really like :)

I tend to alternate between acoustic-folky-type stuff and Jimi Hendrix meets U2 meets The Who meets Trent Reznor meets early Genesis (not that Invisible Touch junk) and whatever else you can think of that doesn't fit together rock. I really like using a simple, unobtrusive progression (one of my songs is entirely made up of alternating bars of D and G except for one line of one verse that has a Bm and an A) and playing around with that. Maybe that's my Coltrane influence, playing a lot of stuff over a static progression.... I dunno, I just write what I feel like at the time. I think lyrics are stronger for me than my music when I write (but my longtime guitarist disagrees). I like eggs.

12-26-02, 01:11 AM
It sounds like you've studied music a little more than I have. I can't read it at all. I just know a few chords. It works for a simple song though. I have a lot of fun.

12-26-02, 01:25 AM
Music (primarily saxophone) is one of my two majors. It's nice a lot of times, but sometimes it gets in the way because I start analyzing stuff when it would be better to just do it. A lot of my jazz studies are nice though because when I play I don't have to think about it at all- I just play :)

12-26-02, 01:37 AM
My brother in law just bought a trumpet. He has a huge variety of instraments that he taught himself to play. He does some very interesting stuff. He says he wants to add a little classical and jazz to his work. It's funny, but we were talking about studying art tonight and we agreed that if you only learn one or two peoples techniques your original art could get lost in the mix. We were both glad that we didn't take art and music lessons for that reason but we wished we had a better understanding of it too. I guess there is a balance somewhere. He's going to have at least one song on the CD. Maybe a couple songs under different names.

12-26-02, 04:06 PM
Yeah, it's easy to fall into the routine of just playing other people's stuff (my sax teacher actually doesn't like for me to play my own music, which annoys me). But there are advantages as well as drawbacks just like anything else.

Probably anything that I would send you I have the lyrics posted in here if you've read anything I've put up. I have a couple more that I've written since school got out that I've been meaning to post.... I'll do that sometime. :)

I get annoyed when people either get pretentious about being "real, trained" musicians and when people get pretentious about "only doing my own natural thing" because I think both are good but no one can really avoid putting his own spin on what he plays and no one can really write wholly separately from outside influences so I just try to play what I like, try to listen to all kinds of music, and just.... try to be what I be :)

12-26-02, 09:01 PM
That is the best way to be.:)

Chris B
12-30-02, 01:17 AM
That is an excellent idea, dorfsmith, I might be interested in contributing something in the future (and definitely interested in listening once you get a whole CD together).

The only musical talent I have right now is that I can imitate a didgeridoo (sp?) with my voice. And I can imitate a didgeridoo as it would sound being fed through a wah-wah distortion pedal. I might be able to build something on that, though.

I have enjoyed the stuff you've posted on these boards, Orpheus, I'd like to hear some of them set to music sometime.

Speaking of original music, have either of you heard any stuff by Soul Junk?

12-30-02, 10:54 AM
I saw Soul Junk when they were just getting started. They were really cool. Nice guys too. It sounds like you might be able to make some cool stuff. Send it in The more the better.

01-03-03, 03:39 PM
Chris- that sounds cool! I play the digeridoo :D (well, sort of)

I'm working on trying to figure out that Mongolian throat singing (it's really not that difficult to get the basic technique down, but refining the harmonics is a chore). It's way cool :)

I've heard of Soul Junk, but can't remember listening to anything by them. I think I might have at one time, but can't really remember... I hear a lot of stuff that I don't know who the performer is as well.

01-19-03, 05:50 PM
I've received some really cool submissions lately. This is gonna be a great project. How's your stuff soming along?

02-28-03, 11:18 AM
I've put a may 15th deadline on submissions to the sediment project. If any of you have spoken poems or songs that you have recorded please send them to me and I will include them on the project. If you submit you get a copy free. submissions should be sent to Elisha Dorfsmith P.O. Box 1768 Big Bear City, CA 92314. As of now I have 45 minutes compiled but I need another 35 minutes to make a full 80 minute CD. Thanks in advance, dorf.

03-04-03, 08:26 PM
I received a really cool submission from a guy named Greg Simons. He sent me his 12 song CD of him playing the piano and singing. He has a lot of talent. One song I'm gonna use from it is called "Was It A Dream" about Christ's salvation. It gave me chills!

03-20-03, 02:40 AM
My friend Nadia is recording a song for the project as we speak. I have received 5 or 6 more submissions since my last post. This project is gonna be great. I'm very excited about it. There is such a huge range of styles and talent. It's awesome:D

03-26-03, 03:05 AM
Hey Orpheous42, I just sent an e-mail to your band answering a few questions. I believe the guy's name was Jordan. Sounds like you might be on my project:) I'm really excited about it.

03-26-03, 03:22 AM
Yeah that's the band leader. He's a cool guy, I'm sure he'll be cool with it. Sounds great!

So you like the stuff? I really hope to have that CD done soon, it's at home so I can't work on it here at school... :right:

Did you listen to the stuff that just got posted?

03-26-03, 10:55 AM
I havn't yet but I will tonight. I'll let you know what I think. I'm sure it's great:)

03-27-03, 01:38 AM
I listened to your music a little while ago. Really good stuff. I forgot the titles, but my favorite had Mercy in it somewhere. Very cool. I hope I get to use some of your stuff.

03-27-03, 02:48 AM
Thanks for the compliments :) That would be At Your Mercy, and yeah it's a cool song.

03-27-03, 03:02 AM
Yeah, that's it. You say you are on the bottom left. It's cool to put a face with the name. I have a picture posted at www.bigdork.org on page 4 of the DAMB pictures. There is also one of my wife and I there as The Radiant Dregs. Big Dork is a cool guy. I'd bring the pictures here but I have trouble getting them to post. It's strange, I can post any other picture but those don't work.

05-02-03, 02:38 AM
Hey, Sediment Vol. 1 is finished. Please send me your stuff for Vol. 2! Guidelines are at the beginning of this thread.

Chris B
05-02-03, 12:56 PM
sweet... how do I get a copy of the first one?

Chris B
05-02-03, 01:19 PM
Oh, I found it:


05-02-03, 04:16 PM
When You order, I'll throw in a couple of my own independant CD's as well. :)