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12-05-02, 04:24 PM
More of my poetry from England. I don't know the dates of when I wrote these, but it was sometime mid-september I believe. Maybe starting around the 13th.

There're quite a few typos, I think, and MAYBE some slight langauge, though I think I censored it.

Decked in Time - MPC 2002

Let my passion be your guide.
Let your fashion steal from mine.
Be set in where you want to run.
Don't let me cramp up your fun.
Spin your spell around my heart.
Stop me when I try to stop.
Say what you wish,
Wish what you please.
Go when you want to cry,
Show me where you want to fly.
If I hurt you,
Please forgive me.

Peace and Luver - MPC 2002

Luv, send me your wings,
Release me now, it stings.
Don't set your love in earthly things.
Don't waste your time with loveless flings.
there's more to life than diamond rings.
No one is perfect alone.

Skin Deep - MPC 2002

Floating in a sea of glass
I see you.
An isle of Perfection
Beset with jewels.
The more I sail forward,
The further you drift away.
Come back.

Foot Steps - MPC 2002

I see you in the street below.
I see your ethreal, ghost-like glow.
I hear you through my open window.
You're not really there.
I wish you were.
-forever incomplete-

Rocksanne - MPC 2002

Life is on the verge
Of ending.
I'm not recieving the wage
You're sending.
My heart is in need
Of mending.
Where is your hiding place?
Show yourself, dark fiend from hell!

Untitled - MPC 2002

One day when I was walking,
I met a girl so fair.
The sun sparkled in her eyes,
The wind was in her hair.
She led me to her flat.
She led me to her lair.
I knew no good would come of it,
So I ran away from there.

Off-Tunes - MPC 2002

The green grass said
'Do you like me?'
My dishonest reply -
'No! Begone!'
The grass died and turned brown.
It shrivled all up.
'Goodbye, devil grass!'
The sun then asked,
'Do you like me?'
'Not all of you!'
I wa shonest with that.
The kind clouds moved in.

Tonyfron - MPC 15.9.02

People understand me,
But don't like what they hear.
People see me clearly,
But they cower with fear.
Oftimes they think me crazy,
Odd, and even queer.
Perhaps oddness is subjectve.

Trifle - MPC 2002 - Conwy, Wales

Say that you love me,
Show me you care,
Let me know you will
Always be there.
Your dad is quite scary,
I'm sure you'd aree.
I know you would
If you're at all like me.
I love you,
you know that I care.
I gave you my heart,
I'll always be there.

Whatever You Say - MPC 2002 - Conwy, Wales

Go where you want to,
Stay where you wish.
Follow your heart,
Follow your instinct.
Be yourself, but don't be decieved.
Make sure you're only yourself.


You watch for me every day.
You wait for my phone calls.
You wish the war would end.
The black car haunts your dreams.
I'm already dead.

Christmas Comes Once a Year - MPC 2002

Give me liberty or give me death.
Give me sleep and give me rest.
Don't forget to shoot me thrice.
Twice in the heart, once in the head.
Don't leave me to wallow in pain.
Give me death, I've gone insane.

I Swear - MPC 2002

Look at you.
So happy and tied down...
Tied to lies and bounderies,
Stuck on brands and styles.
Grease in your dyed-black hair.
Or bleach on your cool-do.
After all is said and done,
Your alergies don't make you smart.
so what if you know Perl?
Who cares if you met Slip-Knot back stage?
Who gives a rat's -buttocks that you're a cheerleader?
Break every caste.

LlanARGH - The Raven 2002

I look at you,
You look at me.
You're eyes are blue,
Blue, like the sea.
Trips fall apart,
Arguements start.
If people would listen,
Listen to me,
With average ease
They would see...
Kaw-kee! Kaw-kee!

Tripple-Nipple - MPC 2002

In the world, I think you will find,
People, on a whole, have evil in mind.
I see it every day, in their dark eyes.
Even their truth is coated with lies.
Violence is in everything I see.
They'll kill us both, you and me.

Loop-in-Rye - MPC 2002

Standing here watching,
I see things that never were.
Perhaps they'll never be.
You are you.
I am me.
Taking strides to a different drummer.
Taking beach-side rides in the summer.
I hate the summer,
And yeah, I hate the beach.
You're out of reach, cos
You're you and I am me.
Taking strides with a different drummer.
Taking trips up north in the summer.
You're not perfect yet, cos...
Yeah, you're too much like them.
And yeah, I want you to change.
I realize you don't belong to me.
Be as you wish, the world is free.
I love you of course,
But I love my drum as well.

Wreckless Endangerment - SJS 2002

Waking up next to you,
That's all that I need.
Waking up to see you there...
Yeah, when will that be?
A few dozen years from now, I suppose.
Waking up next to you,
Yeah, that's all I need.
An Eden of pillows and blankets...
Yeah, that's all I want.
Waking up...

Ode to My Shadow - MPC 2002

I'd be so alone without you there,
O! tall young man with the puffy hair.
You're there when My mates fail me,
You're there when I'm alone.
Where do you go when the lights grow dim?
Don't leave me here, alone with them.