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12-04-02, 11:54 PM
This being my first post here in this section, I just want to say hi to everyone. I'm a 17 year old beatnik named Steven, and this poetry was written on my holiday to the UK earlier this year.

I will probably be posting quite a bit more of my poetry (at least the rest of my UK collection), but I hope you all give these a read through :)

The following poems have been dated according to how I wrote them in the Blue Book, but most of those dates were set one day ahead, for reasons I don't know.

Black Sleeves (M.P.C. SEPTEMBER 2 2002)

The World is swirling around us.
A typhoon of love and hate.
Life pulls us from our motherís womb.
Death pushes us into the ground.
The sun must set for the moon to rise.
There must be darkness before light.
War before peace, death to save lives.
In deed, the world is a confusing place to live.

Melancholy and Me (M.P.C. SEPTEMBER 2 2002)

Come to me, in the drear silence of the night.
Meet me under the new moon.
Meet me in the Shadows that give me refuge.
Perfection is only a stumbling step away.
Come hide with me in the deep shadows of time.

Untitled (M.P.C. SEPTEMBER 2 2002)

Racing in my mind.
One thousand fireflies.
Dashing to and froí.
Like sparks in the night sky.
One million memories,
Missed opportunities.
Only one future.

Pensive Maditations; Serious Thoughtfulness (M.P.C. SEPTEMBER 2 2002)

Silence breaks the din of life.
Diamonds fall from the sky.
Itís rainingÖ
Raining on a sunny day.
Raining on my holiday.
Wonít the rain stay a while?
I should like to invite it in for tea.
But why must the sun interrupt?
Out! Out! Damn light!
I welcome the rain with open arms.
My arms are open to the rain.

Accentalented Womyn (S.S. SEPTEMBER 2 2002)

Never in life did I think
That a woman would spare me a wink,
Yet on this fateful day
Such luck found itís way
So I asked for to buy her a drink.
Now Iíll regret it,
Iíll never forget it,
That ringís on her finger to stay.

For Sarah (S.S. SEPTEMBER 7 2002)

The stars arenít very bright.
Thereíre many clouds in the sky.
The windís a bit nippy tonight.
Iíll just sit here and wonder why.
The sky will be cloudy in the morn,
Iím sure that Iíll like quite forlorn.
Where are you when I need you?

Privacy (S.S. SEPTEMBER 7 2002)

A motorcar swerves to miss me
I wish you were here to kiss me
Privacy is not so lonely with you by my side.
I donít know how long I can bide
This street is so cold and empty
This jacket is thin and flimsy.
If you were here, privacy wouldnít feel so alone.

Lazy Days (S.S. SEPTEMBER 7 2002)

Nothing important happened today.
Thereís rain on the windows,
There are clouds in the sky,
Fuzz on my brain,
Spots in my eye.
Thereís really nothing else to say, cosÖ
Nothing important happened today.

The Formula of Hope (S.S. SEPTEMBER 7 2002)

Red lights blink in the dark.
Rain rolls down the windows.
Loud cars buzz down the damp streets.
Welcome home, Sadness.
Return to tears.
Return to me.

Ermaline (S.S. SEPTEMBER 08 2002)

Blue Gems set in a sea of milky perfection
Beauty, so striking, held only for a moment.
I donít want to see her againÖ
For I fear I may fall in love.

Emo (S.S. SEPTEMBER (day unknown) 2002)

Darkness fell quickly.
It darkened the shadows around me.
I called you on the phone,
You didnít answer.
I knocked on your door,
They said you werenít in.
Where are you?

Donít Give Me Fake (S.S. SEPTEMBER 08 2002)

Donít let go of me now.
I canít survive,
I donít know how.
I donít want it just for kicks.
I need you now - I need my fix.
Blue eyesÖat least theyíll never change.
Iíve never felt like this - it feels so strange.

AfterTaste (S.S. SEPTEMBER 09 2002)

The cold stone warmed quickly beneath me.
I could feel them all around.
I was sleeping on their roof.
Ghosts and goblins donít really matter.
Call me a loon, call me mad,
Iím going back tomorrow.

Ashes to Dust (S.S. SEPTEMBER 10 2002)

Whatís the rush in life?
Snow falls and melts when it lands,
But it doesnít complain.
Grass grows up and dies,
But never a complaint.
Water flows down a set path
And wavers only a little.
O! To be as the snow and grass and water!

Open Sezmey (S.S. SEPTEMBER 11 2002)

The door is shut tight
I canít open it
Iím losing my sight
My eyes wonít open
I canít see the light
I want to see the light
Show me the key
Open my eyes
Save meÖ

On the Edge - Ode to Melancholy (S.S. SEPTEMBER 12 2002)

Who will guide me when Iím lost?
Who will be my lighthouse?
Iím lost now, in fact.
I should like you to show me the way.
Iíve found my penÖbut I canít find you.
I want you to return to me.
I cannot find you alone.

Take Them Home (S.S. SEPTEMBER 13 2002)

One day, it wonít be long,
Iím going to sit down and write a song.
I believe youíre heaven sent,
But now youíre gone, thus this lament.
I see the moon and the stars,
Do you?

as the grass (M.P.C. 2002 (date unknown))

Knock me down when I give you strength.
Give me water, thatís all I need.
Let me grow as I wish,
Iím not hurting anyone.
Iím always Ďbetterí someway else.
Love me as you love yourself.


When people pass me on the street, what do they see?
Do others see the emptiness in me?
Without you here, I feel alone.
I look for you; where have you gone?
Why arenít you here to hold my hand?
To fill my empty arms and watch the tide flow inÖ

Piece of String (S.S. SEPTEMBER 24th 2002 DEVON, ENGLAND)

Stretch to the sky and believe.
Reach out your arms and receive.
Declare me alive while I breathe.
Promise that youíll never leave.
I donít understand what I am saying.

-Final Words-

If you ever find yourself alone, wandering this confusing world, close your eyes and think of me. There's always someone better off, and always someone worse. May you find your way back home, back to the one you love. Return to love and rest, return to me. I am reality. I am life. I am full of smiles and tears.

In closing, find joy no matter the sittuation.
Listen to The RAVEN. Wisdom comes in many shapes and sizes and ages.

And to my dear Sarah - that's none of y'all's bussiness -

That's all I'm writing.

Steven Sivley
Marcus P. Conrad
September 02nd-October 02nd.
May Melancholy Remain.

12-05-02, 12:18 AM
Excellent work and it takes much talent to transpose the deepest perceptions of the heart into written expression. May you find fulfillment in your talent and may it touch the hearts of others. Thank you for sharing.

Cold raindrops against my face,
Does God see
My hot tears?

Golden sun, blue sky, black highway,
Red, yellow, and black man today,
I await the future
When all humanity is gray.

Hopes with great substance,
Evidence of the unseen.
Certainty of assurance.

©1998 Drew Montgomery