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This is one that I had published in the January/February 1999 Writers Journal,(pg.54). It employs the ABBA rhyme scheme, with different tempos in the first/last lines and the middle lines of each verse. I also sought to compare/contrast in the first and last lines of each verse.

The Poet

His paintings shaped the face of the moon and stars,
Rhythm to the woodpecker chirp to the cricket,
Shimmer to the tree the down in the thicket,
Cutoff in our blindness cell without bars.

His love filled the oceans, rivers, and streams,
Gills to the fishes croak to the frog,
Ripple to the waves the hollow to the log,
Evil clouds in the heart fear in our dreams.

His majesty shaped the mountains, valleys, and hills,
Flight to the eagle whoop to the crane,
Mist to the meadow thunder's refrain,
Gilded jealousy seeking cheapened thrills.

His joy colored winter, spring, summer, and fall,
Hop to the bunny hoot to the owl,
Snow to the treetops drops on the bough,
Shriveled soul huddling behind stone wall.

His poetry moves the heavens, the earth, and its core,
Firefly's light and coyote cry,
Shimmering sunlight comet in the sky,
Disparaging heart we cry out for more.

1999 Drew D. Montgomery

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Oh Drew! That is wonderful!

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Thank you Anne, God bless you.

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need to come back and reread this