View Full Version : New album "Because..." by Jim Farrell

11-29-02, 01:22 PM
The new worship album "Because..." by Jim Farrell is now finished.

You can listen to all the songs at this address:


Here is what Jim Farrell has to say about the album:

"Songs arrive in many ways and at many times. Some unexpectedly, some through inspired effort, and some just flow out of a time of worship. Many songs fade from memory just as fast as they have come, having fulfilled their purpose in that special moment.

Amongst all these songs however, are a few which seem to have a longer life and a wider meaning, a staying power and an appeal to other worshippers to use them and sing them.
I believe that the songs on this CD are this kind of song having tried and tested them in our Fellowship in Kirriemuir . I hope that as you listen to them you will feel the same and be drawn towards God in praise and worship.
Jim Farrell."

Please give your support to Jim. You can read more about Jim Farrell and this new album at the following address: