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11-22-02, 08:14 PM
Her friendship was a
Burst of sun
In the cold dark rain
But now every word
She speaks
Is a tiny dagger of pain

Our friendship was always the kind
We thought would never die
But now I fear her heart is cold
And the smile on her lips
A lie.

The truth is getting blurred again
And I can't tell which side's up
The gut wrenching pain I feel
Is the poison
From her cup.

I feel our love slowly dying
And it pains me more than I can bear
But I fear the icy daggers
That come from her
Defensive stare

We both tried our best
And no one is to blame
It just breaks my heart
That are words
Are now just a game.

I know not what I did
To make her turn her back
I know not what qualities
She seems to think
I lack.

But know
And hold this as true
Your unkindness may do much
But it shall never
Taint my love for you.

11-22-02, 08:17 PM

Me gusta mucho. And I hope you feel better. I always do after venting in a poetic style. :D;)

11-22-02, 08:52 PM
Wow. I really really like that.

Very good job Mits

11-26-02, 06:28 PM
wow that was chimerical. poems always make me want to whisper.