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11-03-02, 07:22 PM
Can anyone help me I am looking for

1. Downloadable scripture set to music type praise and worship songs. Very simple ones, even kids songs but some w/ adult voices too. I know that a lot of the scriptures that come to my mind when I need them I first learned by singing them and they got written in my heart and spirit.

2. Basic chording for scripture songs for acoustic and/ or electric guitar.

It looks as though we will be meeting w/ a small (at least at first) group of people to share God's word and help them grow in Jesus. Many of these folks are older and / or disabled Several have known Jesus a long while but have sort of gotten stuck in the baby stages for a lot of reasons. One really big one is most don't got to church and see Christian TV as entertainment. But some things have recreated some hunger praise the Lord. Charles sings well but not well enough to get these folks to sing w/out some help. Our most likely sources of music besides tapes have guitar skills (one is 70+ and started to play again lasdt year after years of being away from the guitar. The other is supposed to be very good, teaches, and has played for ever and beyond. The first is very country music oriented and the other super into beatles, Eric Clampton things. - Hey this begins to sound like a prayer request too doesn't it? Both play guitar but different types and even in my most inspired moments I can't picture them playing anything together.

Any info, advice, links, prayers, would really help. Thanks.

O yeah Charles can sing and has not played anything except a harmonica in years and he just played with that. I can carry a tune in a bucket that has the lid superglued on and is sealed inside 2 other buckets and the tamborine is my best instrument.

Chris B
11-08-02, 04:46 PM
Hi Ann,

sorry I can't help, but if you do find a place to download bible verse songs could you post a link back here? Thanks :cool: