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10-29-02, 04:21 PM
All you want is a pretty face
Fancy name
Songs all the same
You want a catchy beat
To move your feet
I'm sorry that can't be me.

You feel safe in a familiar chorus
A thousand times overplayed
And you call yourself a musician
But I see through the charade
Big names and big bands...
But inside you're crying
Inside you're scared
Inside, you're just like me.

You like jeans and a tiny top on women
You like them tough and cool, not sweet
Your wants are chaining you in
You're stuck in this image
But I'm free

Free to fly and free to love
But you have stolen my heart
We're stuck in a song that has no soul
In my heart, a gaping hole...

'Cause you feel safe in the familiar chorus
A thousand times overplayed
And I know I can never be like that
No two things ever the same
I wanna be me,
But I need to love you
With all this doubt inside
I don't know what I can do

And I know when you hear this you'll smile
And you'll tell me it's really nice
But inside you're scared, inside you're angry
That I can see your vice
You'll tell me you really liked it
And you really like me too
Your lies all sound like truth now
'Cause I'm dying of love for you

I'll feel safe in the familiar chorus
A thousand times overplayed
I'm doing my best to be perfect for you
Trying to be all the same
I'm not really like all the thers
But all I want is your love
I'd be somebody else for you
I don't matter to me now
Everything is for you, my heart
But it's never been enough.

10-29-02, 04:25 PM

That is a very good emotional song, Mitsy :)

10-29-02, 04:28 PM
Excellent work...

It really is very good... and strikes quite a chord within me...


10-30-02, 09:38 PM
Oh Mits thats good! I like it! :D

11-22-02, 06:07 PM
I love it! I have written songs for years and years and very rarely find something that I like as much as your song. Awesome!

11-22-02, 06:14 PM

Thankyou all.