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10-13-02, 09:40 PM
sorry about the language... it's how he worte it...

Have you seen through them yet,

seen their truly pathetic lives?

You have`nt ?

That does`nt come as a surprise.

If you look close, into their eyes,

past the ****, far beyond their misplaced cries,

you will see what I mean , when I speak of lies.

They lie to us, as you do at whim,

but you lie to yourself long before them.

And in our mind, the decaying matter that it is,

lies the truth that no one wants to hear.

So look into the clever mirror,

and tell me what you see,

a shallow little *****,

just like me.

10-13-02, 09:53 PM

10-13-02, 11:46 PM
:wah: as well.

PS - Neddie... Ghandi said "An eye for an eye makes everyone blind."