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10-04-02, 03:32 PM
There's this writing program type thing on a weekend in May that I want to attend, but only two people per school can go, and we have to submit work. All it said was that if it were prose, it had to be double-spaced, at least 10 font, and a page or less. This is what I came up with; I call it My Attempt at Decent Writing. It's rather random, but I'd still appreciate some feedback. :)

What can I do in one page of writing to demonstrate my writing ability (or lack thereof as the case may be)? I dont think that Im talented enough to say anything very profound or insightful in such a small space, or even a very large one to be truthful. Trying to come up with something that would fit specifically one page or less is quite difficult. I dont write poetry, so I cant get away with that; I believe Nietszche was right when he said: We talk so abstractly about poetry, because we are all bad poets.

Back to the original question I posed to myself: what can I do in a page? I could attempt a very short story I suppose, or find a topic of interest. The problem I face with the former is how to condense my normally lengthy writing style to best fit a page, without misrepresenting how I naturally write. The problem with the latter is that the subjects in which I am interested are not the types of things one would generally use if he wanted to impress someone else with his alleged talent for writing. (Notice how I use he and not he or she or s/he. When not being gender specific, I like writing he since it takes up less space, gets the point across quickly, and isnt very politically correct, which is delightful.)

Im already more than half way through the page, and still without a proper and necessary solution to my apparent dilemma. It appears as though I am only writing my train of thought, nearly transposed from my mind and onto the computer screen before me, through the use of my fingers pounding away at some keys. This is hardly a display of my uniqueness, since this is the stuff of which personal journals and diaries are composed. It works though, so I shouldnt complain, and to whom would I be complaining anyway? I think this must have been a rather wise strategy, considering the fact that Im almost done with the page.

The general font sizes I use are 10 and 12even numbers. Today Ill use 11, since being odd is nice on occasion.

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I like that quite a lot. :)

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Thanks for the comments, and the smiley face on Nicole's part.